Pocket Grapher

Pocket Grapher Matrix Tab


Creating a Matrix

To create a new matrix tap the arrow on the popup with the label 'Matrix' above it. Select the 'Add new' button. Enter in the name you want and push ok. The matrix will then be created. The size can then be selected using the size combo boxes for the rows and columns. Either the arrow can be pressed to select a size from one to ten or the text in the field can be edited manually. As a waring, chaning the size of a matrix will cause data to be lost if the size is set to be smaller. While changing the size manually the size will be updated every time the box is changed to a valid number. So in the proccess of typing 100 the size will be set to 1 when typing the first character.

Editing a Matrix

To edit a matrix tap the arrow on the 'Matrix' popup and select the matrix to be edited. The matrix will then be displayed as a grid. The size may be adjusted at this point as well as the contents of each element. Tap an element to select it and type in the value wanted for the element. An equation can be put in and will be evaulated to fill in the value. To move to the next element press enter. The selection will move across horizontally until the end of the row is reached. The selection will then jump to the beginning of the next row. If enter is pressed while the last element is selected the selection will jump to the first element.